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My Boyfriend Kissed His Co-worker. I’m Emotionally Frozen.

My Boyfriend Kissed His Co-worker. I’m Emotionally Frozen.

I’ve been in a long distance relationship from Savannah to New Orleans with my bf for over 2yrs now. Right after our 2 yr anniversary, my boyfriend’s coworker’s boyfriend (got that?) contacted me and told me he thought something was going on between the two of them. Coincidentally, we had been fighting quite a bit. He had been accusing me for not treating him like I wanted him. We were on the verge of breaking up more than once.

Its true, I would come down on him for being this little puppy dog that was too in love and too romantic with me, because I wasn’t used to it. Id say things like “you’re such a girl sometimes” or “you need to slow it down and I don’t want things to get boring fast, I want to keep sparks flying for as long as possible” as an excuse.

He himself had been nonchalantly telling me about this co-worker who was having trouble with her own boyfriend. He’d tell me about her problems, but being a non jealous person I didn’t think anything of it. However, I had found a text between the two of them that bothered me. In it he said “I miss you” simply because she had to leave work early. It was fishy but we discussed it and he told me he would stop talking to her.

For whatever reason(maybe i WAS jealous after all) I decided I was going to stop the nonsense and just go for what I wanted. And what I wanted was to be happy with him. He’s always been good to me to me and my son (not his) more than anyone ever has. I took the trip to Savannah to be with him for two weeks. These were the best days we’ve ever had throughout our whole relationship. He brought up how the 2 weeks we were together were the best he’d ever experienced out of me, that I had finally given my all to him, something he’s been waiting for this entire time.

But….there’s always a but. It came to light that he and his coworker had actually kissed back during that earlier time frame, though not had sex. After two great weeks in Savannah, I was hurt. Can’t sleep much at all. I really do deep down feel like we have something real. I think of forgiving him and moving on, but every time I think of the two of them kissing, I get sick to my stomach. I love him but idk how to just get past this, especially if he wont move to New Orleans until I’m ready to move in together.

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