I cyberstalked my ex, and then stopped. I didn’t do it for a few weeks. Then last week I decided to take a peek and I am so very very sorry I did. I saw and read things I didn’t want to see, and it really set me back in my recovery. I’m re-blocking all of it and hope I never get the urge to look again. — Peeker

I have wasted a lot of time cyberstalking my ex. A lot. I finally blocked him on IG about a month ago and I feel much better. Seeing pictures of him and his new wife were making me absolutely miserable. And finding him on online dating sites was making me furious! I still get the urge to look him up, but now I just think about the way I felt when I found out that he was cheating and I stop myself. — LesMiz

I have done the same, sitting for HOURS trolling online, and the pain it brings is ridiculous. But yet, I can’t seem to stop. Last night, I found pics of him and his family getting their Christmas tree…and there was the new girlfriend. He never in our three years together asked me to do that. So, it was a knife to the gut. I have to just stop. I don’t want to hurt anymore—ChristmasBlues

I did the same thing last night. Was doing ever so well for a week or so, telling myself that its best that we split up. But yesterday, looking at all her social media updates, I think she’s gotten on with a new guy. Its absolutely crushing me. Spent a lot of time, but I did realize one thing. Its not gonna give me an answer. It never can. And I feel, keeping myself updated with my ex’s happenings is just a weapon my ex possesses to have power over me—Powerless

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