Kellyanne & George Conway Announce Divorce, Of Course.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who was the exact opposite of you? Maybe you’re in that type of relationship right now as you read this. Perhaps you weren’t total exact opposites, but on certain issues you just couldn’t get on the same page and would agree to disagree. That can work for a while and for some, it works really well.

But what if time and circumstances start to chip away at your agreement to disagree. Seems that’s what may have torpedoed the marriage of Kellyanne and George Conway. Kellyanne was an adviser to a controversial president. George Conway was a fierce critic of his wife’s boss. Things got very complicated and moved in a continuous deep downward spiral.

Eventually the clash roped in their daughter, who sporadically used social media to lash out and expose her mother in an unflattering light. As the family dynamic seemed to spin chaotically, many wondered how such a publicly divided marriage could last much longer.

Indeed it hasn’t. We have now learned from reports that the couple has announced they are divorcing. While any divorce is sad news for all involved and especially for those who best know the parties, it can also save unhappy couples from further heartache and pain. Some couples are unable to put aside differences to the extent needed to keep them from seeping into the parts of the relationship that work.

Perhaps going forward, things will be more amicable between the Conways. Neither Kellyanne nor George will have to answer for the other. They’ll be free to continue along their professional paths without the awkwardness that followed them everywhere. This might have a positive effect on their family.

Sometimes divorce is a blunt solution for complex marital discord. You might consider this a textbook example.