My EX Wants to be Friends. I Just Can’t.

Hello everyone.

I have run into something that I haven’t really experienced before, just 10 months after our breakup. While it had been quite some time since I actually talked to my EX, he was continually emailing me about once a month (like clockwork). According to him, he’s been attempting a friendship, but blames my hostility as the reason we can’t make it work. He doesn’t seem to understand that I absolutely CAN’T be friends with him. Not after I told him I loved him! I can’t just reverse that. I don’t know why he thinks it’s so easy. Oh wait, because he didn’t get hurt. That’s exactly it. He didn’t get hurt, so easy for him to toy with me.

The last interaction was a voice call. First call in 10 months. It was more than the usual “how are you doing” thing. I was short with him. He again accused my of being hostile. But it’s not hostility. Its simply hard to talk to him. It brings back so many emotions. He then went on about how he should have appreciated me more when we were together. He kept asking if I was seeing someone. I didn’t answer that question. I’m not, but he doesn’t need to know that. I actually don’t get why he asked.

I slipped and asked if he missed me. He said he missed me a little, missed our friendship, and missed that I “got him” unlike anyone else. It was out of nowhere. I don’t know why he would say all this now when I haven’t even seen him in almost a year. Nevertheless we talked for a long while, a lot like we used to. Frankly, I don’t feel like he deserves it. He wants the best of both worlds, having me as a friend and expecting me to just accept it and let my feelings just roll off like nothing. But it will really really REALLY hurt to be his friend. I fell for him in our relationship because he made me feel so comfortable. But now it’s just so UNCOMFORTABLE.

Why is he doing this now? What would cause him to say those things? Heck I even asked why and he told me he just wanted to say thanks. But I don’t believe that. If he still has feelings for me, its clear everything needs to be on his terms. So if I ever make the mistake of taking the bait, I’ll find myself on an emotional rollercoaster that only he controls. I’m a weaker person than Id like to be. I really need to be very careful. Thanks for reading.